Worker Justice

We are taking a stand against worker abuse and wage theft. Together we are organizing to defend our rights in the workplace, and raise industry standards for dignity in our work!

What we’ve done

  • Recovered more than $41,000 in unpaid wages.
  • Educated more than 500 low-wage workers about their rights in the workplace.
  • Rallied more than 100 people for a raise in the minimum wage and to stop wage theft in Iowa.
  • Met with representatives from the Federal Department of Labor to improve practies in recovering unpaid wages for workers.
  • Trained immigrant leaders in OSHA rights and standards.
  • Met with state and federal elected officials to to discuss the need to strengthen wage payment enforcement.
  • Door-knocked more than 350 homes to educate workers.
  • Mobilized a state-wide wage theft action in four cities across Iowa.


What we’re doing

  • Helping to recover unpaid wages
  • Organizing against discrimination and unfair workplace treatment
  • Answering questions about your rights at your workplace
  • Organizing for better wages at your workplace
  • Teaching about safety at your workplace and OSHA standards