Civil Rights

Together we are uniting to confront discrimination and ensure equal access to community services for all residents.

What we’ve done

  • Met with the Iowa City Mayor and Police Department, and Johnson County Sherriff and Attorney to call for solutions to immigrant community concerns
  • Mobilized dozens of residents to attend the Iowa City Ad Hoc Diversity Committee forums to demand improvements in law enforcement practices
  • Mobilized 200 people to protest the unjust arrest of local immigrant, resulting in her release without bond and the withdrawal of a related arrest warrant
  • Met with congressional representatives and testified in Senate Judiciary Hearings to educate officials about our communities and the need for reform


What we’re doing

  • Helping with discrimination from law enforcement
  • Answering questions about basic civil rights regarding immigration and police stops
  • Organizing for a safer community, free of discrimination
  • Educating about your rights to City services
  • Organizing to pass a County-wide Community ID Program